Face to Face with Gorillas

My story takes place in Uganda in May 2014 when I travelled with a group of friends to the trek up the Mountains of the Moon. However, my story starts prior to starting the trek when we took time to go and see the gorillas. We travelled to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and arranged to do a day trying to see the gorillas.

Uganda May 14 119

The morning started with the briefing about what to expect and the usual safety instructions. Luckily we had been given a good group but the down side was that the gorillas were located quiet a hike away. So the group of us started off on our journey up the hill. We had all agreed that we would have someone help us carry our backpacks up the hill as it would also help support the local community. The only thing that worried me about this was that the lady helping me was tiny and I felt horrible getting her to carry my bag but she insisted and did it with ease.

Uganda May 14 145

We started walking and it was relatively easy for the first 30 minutes until we started the ascent. It immediately became tough and I began to question how hard this journey would actually become. After about 15 minutes of walking up some relatively steep hills, the wardens changed direction and we started the journey downhill. Shortly after we walked through a few farms and arrived at the gorillas.

It was really spectacular to see the gorillas in the wild and at first we were all very wary but after a few minutes they became accustomed to our presence and continued to do what they were doing. Which just happened to be feeding on the farmers crop. We later found out that the farmers are compensated if the gorillas do this. We were able to stay with them for an hour, which seemed like 10 minutes. They only allow humans to watch them for an hour each day.

Uganda May 14 094

It was a truly magical experience and I can’t recommend it enough if you get a chance to view them in the wild.


  • Uganda May 14 119
  • Uganda May 14 094
  • Uganda May 14 100
  • Uganda May 14 121
  • Uganda May 14 145

Date of Story: 2014-05-17

Accommodation: Buhoma Lodge

Location: Excellent

Game Viewing: Excellent

Food: Excellent

Facilities: Excellent

Staff: Excellent

Overall: Excellent

Uganda May 14 100

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