Africa is Amazing

My story starts with my first trip back to South Africa after leaving as a child. Arriving at the game reserve I was very nervous about what to expect because my early childhood memories of my parents taking us to the Kruger was all I remember about the game reserves and this was over 20 year prior.

Lion giraffe kill 2

So I arrived at Kings Camp and from the moment I arrived I knew it had been too long since returning. All the people at Kings Camp were so friendly and welcoming. They took me to my room and I was truly speechless at how nice it was and how every little detail had been taken care of (story for another time). I took some time to just sit and reflect whilst staring at the African Bush. Watching some baboons play in the trees etc is something so small but something I really did miss. The time from reflection was short lived as I had to get ready for my first game drive.

Lion giraffe kill 3

The first starts with us driving over to where some lions had made a giraffe kill a couple of days prior. The game ranger described some of the circumstances of the kill. It turns out that the lions herded the giraffe towards a dried our river bed and this is where they made the kill because the giraffe really had no where else to go. Watching the lions feed on the kill and drink from the nearby watering hole cemented in my head why I will always return to Africa and see as much of the wildlife as possible when I return.

Female Lion Drinking

Please see my other posts for more details about my safari.

Lion giraffe kill

Date of Story: 2008-11-15

Accommodation: Kings Camp

Location: Excellent

Game Viewing: Excellent

Food: Excellent

Facilities: Excellent

Staff: Excellent

Overall: Excellent

Male Lion


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