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Sunset in Uganda 2014
Sunset in Uganda 2014

Hi, I've decided to create this site as an avenue for people to share their safari stories. My love for wildlife was born from me growing up in South Africa.

The feeling of spotting an animal and watching animals interact is indescribable. From a very early stage my parents would take my brother, sister and me to games reserves (usually the Kruger National Park). This included trekking the mountains as well as driving safaris. The game reserves have given me some of my most memorable stories and at every opportunity I will choose a safari holiday.

Since my childhood we've moved to Australia but the love for animals or "safari fever" has never ended. It always amazes me how every time you start speaking about an African safari, people always have the most amazing stories to tell and this is the purpose of this site.

So please feel free to share your stories, I'd really love to hear them and share in your experience.

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My main goal of this website is to hear other peoples stories and to also create new ways for people to share their stories.

If you feel that there is a change you or improvement that you would love to see, please email me.

Why Share your Stories


Often when I speak to people about their safari holiday they always have an amazing story or stories and they tell the story with such passion. This website is now your opportunity to share your stories with other like minded people.